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FACT: Tanning Lotion Works!

Applying an indoor tanning lotion before each session will allow your skin to tan more easily. You'll also get the added benefit of having your tan last longer so you don't have to visit the salon as often.

Indoor tanning lotions supply your skin with the specific ingredients needed to create a tan. When you tan without a lotion it takes longer to reach the same level of color because many of these necessary ingredients are completely missing. It's also more difficult to get your best results if your skin is dry. Using a moisturizer daily after you shower will also help you get darker, longer lasting results. Nourished skin is HAPPY skin.

We want only the best for you! That's why we recommend (and personally use) only professional grade Indoor Tanning Lotions during each tanning session. The manufacturers we stock have spent over 25 years researching the science of how your skin tans. You really do get what you pay for by investing in premium brands with quality ingredients. The results you get from lotions purchased at a discount store will only PALE in comparison.

Because we feel it is SO important that you use a quality lotion every time you tan, we'll start you off with a 25% discount on a bottle when you enroll in our SunPass Membership!
    Don't risk it just to save a few bucks . . .
    Buying your tanning lotion off the internet
    or at a flea market is a big gamble.

    If for any reason you are not thrilled with your product purchase, please tell us. We will be happy to exchange it for something different.
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